Automatic Design Generation of Non Regular Architecture

Chu-Ming Ng, Tiow-Seng Tan, Joseph Lim, Yenn-Jin Ho, Wai-Heng Lai

National University of Singapore

Project Synopsis:

This work comprises an attempt towards automatic generation of non-regular building forms such as that of Moshe Safdies Habitat 67 that features the ability for the user to pause and interactively manipulate unit shapes and subsequently resume the generation process. Below are some screenshots of the some of the shape manipulation features implemented and some videos(in .mp4 for) of the actual usage of the software. Each unit in the program runs a user configurable AI program that will be run as a callback function during every simulation time step. Technicalities of designing the above routines include problems like robust collision detection, environment knowledge, and optimization of user defined parameters. To generate novel unit shapes, the collide-and-extrude feature is implemented and it involves addressing issues of potential arbitrary shapes that can result when faces collide. This work also features novel data structures and algorithms that generate floorplans based on a proposed complexity metric and subsequently performs automatic form completion (i.e. integration of the floorplan into the existing model).

(Stripped of MFC generated code, the project amounts to > 40k lines of code.)

Object Slicing:

SlicingVideo.avi (mp4 format, use Xvid codec here )

Collide and Extrude:

The program implements the ability for the user to drag faces and on contact with faces of other units, invoke the collide-and-extrude feature. See screenshot below for illustration. This seemingly trivial operation involves geometric robustness issues and requires properly handling using computational geometry techniques. This is due to the faces that collide can possibly be arbitrary non-simple and the collision may result in multiple disjoint and non-simple faces.

CollideAndExtrude (mp4 format, use Xvid codec here )

Large Scale Form Generation and Shadow Control:

The following pictures show the initial model, the partially completed model at a particular time slice, and shadow placement using the placement widget on the top right.


SimulationAndShadow.avi (mp4 format, use Xvid codec here)

Automatic Form Completion

The system features a floorplan generation module that allows the user to generate level floorplans based on a metric controlling the complexity of the output floorplan. The left image below shows the user interface for the generation and selection of floorplan and the right image below shows the form completion engine automatically integrating the floorplan into the existing model.


Partial Blown Up of Completed Model Regions.

The following pictures show artist impressions of part of a completed example model with the AI routines programmed to fulfill the requirement of having outdoor space per generated unit.